Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Interview with G-Man

While looking through my drawer at work I found one of my notepads from a few months ago. I know, I know...your thinking "Lynne, really? Who gives a rat's ass?". WELL if you had given me a chance to finish I could have told you I found something(man! you guys are impatient!). I was in an incredibly boring meeting and I started to write down anything that came into my head. As I meandered through various thoughts, I suddenly stumble across G (for those of you new to my blog click here to see who G is). It looks like I am actually interviewing him, with one handwriting for me and another one for him. If I had a fancy scanner (what is this 1995?) I would just scan this baby in and you could see for yourself. Alas though I am scanner-less(and less of a person for it damn it!) so I will have to transcribe it for you.
Ready? Ok let's go!

Me: There is never a good time to do this

G: I DON'T WANT TO!!! (sounds like someone is being a bit of a baby)

Me: Why?Why? Why? Why? Why? (being equally as petulant back..fight fire with fire I always say)

G: Because it means change. You don't know that all the incredibly hard work will be worth the effort.

Me: What else are you doing? Your just going through each day, not really living.(Truth)

G: What is living? (looks like G is going Emo on us)

Me: Saddest question ever!! Why are you so against these things?

G: It only leads to pain

Me: So you're painless now?

G:  No....but I am comfortable

Me: Comfortable how?

G: In my routine. People let me get away with sooooo much

Me: Why don't you want to be responsible?

G: What's good about it?

Me: Knowing that YOU controlled your life. Not your weight. Not your friends and family. YOU!!!

G: Do I win an award for that? Who gives a shit? What do I get? (ummm...needy much?)

Me: You do. You get the option to do things because you either want to or not....not because you CAN'T.

G: It's going to take years!! 

Me: Of course it is...but by the time your 30 you could either be the true you or stay a child. It will never change until you do something. It's okay to ASK FOR HELP!!!.

To be honest it is really emotional for me to read this. I didn't write it long ago. I see me, I see G, then I see where the lines blur and we are one. I am glad I have this though, as a reference. To see just where I was and where I plan on going. And that, my friends, is as far away from G as possible.


  1. powerful. thanks for sharing that.
    love you & im proud of you
    ps. i have a scanner at home and your more than welcome to use it

  2. Lynne!!! Oh how you inspire me! I am so excited reading your blog, and being able to see how excited and PASSIONATE you are about achieving your goals. You have always been my most supportive and loving friend. I support you in this endeavor and have full confidence that you will achieve your goals. Keep on truckin Lynne!!!!!
    Love always, Paul

  3. Wow Lynne... I can relate to how I talk to my Gollum too!!
    I wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my blog! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    I am ordering the soft serve this order and we're both REALLY excited to try it! :)


  4. Lynne...this one is great! I think getting in touch with the dialogue in your head and getting it on paper is going to prove to be so helpful to you. We all have areas where we have the dialogue going so you're certainly not alone! Congrats to you on your weight loss and "BE CALM AND CARRY ON" ( I got a mug with that on it in London and I love it!!!! ) Amy

  5. Amy- Thank you! It's amazing what we can find in our minds if we look hard enough. Also how funny, I have the same thing but in a book tote!! Something simple and wonderful about that message!