Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

The last Wednesday of 2010 is here folks! I am here to report a 1 pound weight loss. Am I thrilled by that number..not really...however taking into account that it was Christmas and I didn't deviate far from plan (except for a wee bit of indulgence in the realm of diet soda..why do you cripple me so Diet Coke!). Therefore I will take any loss no matter how meager. In order to celebrate the end of 2010 I am going to bring you another installment of "What does it look like?". Let's see what 110 pounds lost looks like....
I lost this Deinonychs (means terrible claw..but I think it means Disco Dino)

I lost Snooki people!! If only my weight loss were able to actually rid us of her for good (actually that's a lie I find her highly ridiculous and therefore highly entertaining)

That's right I lost this insane person..more commonly known as Tyra Banks (Who's America's Next Top Model now bitch!)

I lost this Lego version of Mario (who wants to bet this guy also built himself a girlfriend?)

And my favorite find of the day..this sculpture of Kate Moss showing off her..umm..skills

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! I know I am looking forward to 2011 with a whole ton (110 pounds worth perhaps) of enthusiasm!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

Happiest of Hump Day to you my friends! With only 3 days to go until Christmas I got a nice little gift early...4 pounds down today! Creeping and crawling down that scale is a fantastic way to enjoy this most wonderful holiday season. Not to mention I had a NSV (non scale victory) yesterday as well. My amazing friend Emily had given me some of her old clothes two months ago. Of course, most of it are things that wouldn't fit me for a while so it was great to have some transition clothes at my disposal. As of last night I could fit into the pair of jeans she gave me!! It was an amazing feeling! I of course tried them on when she gave them to me and they never made it past my thighs. I tried them on as a current jeans were so baggy I was wondering where my ass was hiding! Sliding into those suckers was a moment of celebration that little could rival ! To know that 2 months ago it was impossible to even get them on and now they fit...outstanding! Even though I know I am getting smaller proof like that is hard for me to ignore (since I of course love to discount myself and my accomplishments)

This Christmas is so different from last year it's hard to believe that it's happening. I am happier than I have been in a long time. An internal happiness that I thought I would never find. I thought I was broken, that happiness was something that other people talked about but would never find a home with me. Oh how wrong I was! It has come to me in ways I didn't expect. Happiness with my body (Accepting it for all it's faults was something I never thought I would do but perhaps it's easy to accept faults when you know it will all be changing anyway). Happiness with who I am (the hardest part of all) and Happiness in where my life is headed. I knew logically that when one area of my life changed that the rest of it would too, I just never believed it would happen to me. I am experiencing so many wonderful things (new body, new clothes, new relationship) that I have to pinch myself to believe it's true. At this time of year when being thankful is the name of the game, I am overflowing with it. Christmas cheer is here and 2011 is going to rock so hard I don't think it has any idea what I am going to do to it!

To all my friends who celebrate..MERRY CHRISTMAS!! To all of those who don't I hope you enjoy your days off and get to have some much deserved fun!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! While I am feeling under the weather (not really sure how or why that phrase means what it means....) so this post will be short and sweet. I am down another 3 pounds this week which I am thrilled about. After the past few weeks (minus last week of course) of losing small amounts I am getting better at accepting them! 3 pounds is less than last week and 105 less than 24 weeks ago. I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday and you can avoid this sickness that is currently making it's way through my system!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

I am proud to announce that I have made it folks..I am down 102 pounds!!!! That would make this week's loss 6 pounds( I am pretty sure I can thank cutting back on the soda for that one!). I  am so incredibly proud of myself (watch out everyone, my ego is growing by the day!). I did Meaghan Molloy did this!!! I always read those articles in People magazine or some other trashy tabloid about how real people lost 100 pounds. I don't know about you but I would day dream..what would that be like? What would that feel like to accomplish something like that? Now I don't have to dream anymore because baby it's real!! It feels wonderful ( I can't really find a word grand enough to describe it so wonderful will do) I am fitting into a size that I haven't seen in years ( I think I may have even blown right past it on my way up). I can walk without fear that I will be too tired by the end of it. I can go into the city without worrying about standing out so much ( I mean I am still fat but far less fat!). I can fit into movie theater seats, Broadway seats & booths at restaurants. The closer I get to my goal the more I will be able to do and I am truly looking forward to that!

In honor of this momentous occasion I am bringing you another installment of "What does it look like?"...Ready??

I figured why not start off with the obligatory fat shot...That is 100 pounds of fat..gone forever from this body of mine!

A rubber band ball (my question is was this a goal of someones? To create something so pointless?)

I have lost this hamburger (I am pretty sure that thing must taste like shoe leather)

I always wanted to win an Oscar!!! (I wonder if they have an Oscar for Greatest Weight Loss Story??)

                                   He's taken ladies!!!...I lost this guy's "girlfriend "(Are times that tough that you need a plastic doll to keep you company? Perhaps it better this way for all the single ladies out there)

Thank you all again for your continued support! I am an incredibly lucky woman indeed! I am looking forward to my celebratory Taco Salad dinner tonight and to dream of what 150 pounds lost will look like!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy December Everyone! The total today is a mere 2 pounds bringing me to 96 pounds lost. I believe I have a handle on what I need to do to ramp up again. I have been having far too much diet soda and maybe not being as careful with my protein choices. I need to refocus myself and get back to being a little stricter with such things. Its hard with the holidays and eating out as much as I have/will be doing. However, I know that any loss is a good thing especially during a time of year where most people gain! I am trying here folks to stay positive so bear with me if my enthusiasm isn't over flowing.