Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

I am proud to announce that I have made it folks..I am down 102 pounds!!!! That would make this week's loss 6 pounds( I am pretty sure I can thank cutting back on the soda for that one!). I  am so incredibly proud of myself (watch out everyone, my ego is growing by the day!). I did Meaghan Molloy did this!!! I always read those articles in People magazine or some other trashy tabloid about how real people lost 100 pounds. I don't know about you but I would day dream..what would that be like? What would that feel like to accomplish something like that? Now I don't have to dream anymore because baby it's real!! It feels wonderful ( I can't really find a word grand enough to describe it so wonderful will do) I am fitting into a size that I haven't seen in years ( I think I may have even blown right past it on my way up). I can walk without fear that I will be too tired by the end of it. I can go into the city without worrying about standing out so much ( I mean I am still fat but far less fat!). I can fit into movie theater seats, Broadway seats & booths at restaurants. The closer I get to my goal the more I will be able to do and I am truly looking forward to that!

In honor of this momentous occasion I am bringing you another installment of "What does it look like?"...Ready??

I figured why not start off with the obligatory fat shot...That is 100 pounds of fat..gone forever from this body of mine!

A rubber band ball (my question is was this a goal of someones? To create something so pointless?)

I have lost this hamburger (I am pretty sure that thing must taste like shoe leather)

I always wanted to win an Oscar!!! (I wonder if they have an Oscar for Greatest Weight Loss Story??)

                                   He's taken ladies!!!...I lost this guy's "girlfriend "(Are times that tough that you need a plastic doll to keep you company? Perhaps it better this way for all the single ladies out there)

Thank you all again for your continued support! I am an incredibly lucky woman indeed! I am looking forward to my celebratory Taco Salad dinner tonight and to dream of what 150 pounds lost will look like!


  1. WOOOO HOOOOO... that is amazing and incredible and I'm SOO Happy for you!! What an accomplishment!!! And 6 pounds lost this last week.... you are on fire girl!! I'm doing my happy dance for ya! :)


  2. Thank you Margene!!! I am pretty damn happy myself :)

  3. I have waiting ALL DAY LONG for this post!!! In my mind, I'm jumping up and down and clapping for you. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYA!!!

  4. LYNNE MOLLOY IS FRIGGIN' AMAZING!!! All caps are clearly necessary for such an occasion! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!

  5. lynne! i had no idea you were on this journey! way to go! i am so proud of you, i'm coming to tears! keep up the good work, we're all here cheering for you!

  6. Hey, asshole, that's my rubber band ball in the photo. Congrats on the weight loss.