My Backstory

I am not your typical fat girl. I am no shrinking violet,hiding in the corner of the school dances waiting for someone to notice her. I am the happy fat girl, the one who is always laughing or making others laugh, making others happy in order to feel accepted. I didn't have any of the trademarks of what makes so many women reach for food (i.e. sexual/verbal/physical abuse). I have always had a very tumultuous relationship with food though. I know I use it to control my "out of control" emotions. I use every ice cream, burger, chip and pie to push back the overwhelming tide of emotions I feel. So it is my control, my dam, my sanity. Well no more! That is what this blog is about..breaking free from my addiction from food and finding what lies beneath the fat.

 Some other random facts about me....

I don't like hot (temperature wise) anything. I prefer medium/luke warm food and I love iced drinks.

My biggest fear is death via bird attack (and yes it can happen...or at least according to Hitchcock it can)

My laugh is my best trait (minus my future bangin body of course)

I am filled with a wealth of random trivia knowledge (hence why I kick ass at all trivia games)

I can't write with pencils (they give me the chills)