Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

Happiest of Hump Day to you my friends! With only 3 days to go until Christmas I got a nice little gift early...4 pounds down today! Creeping and crawling down that scale is a fantastic way to enjoy this most wonderful holiday season. Not to mention I had a NSV (non scale victory) yesterday as well. My amazing friend Emily had given me some of her old clothes two months ago. Of course, most of it are things that wouldn't fit me for a while so it was great to have some transition clothes at my disposal. As of last night I could fit into the pair of jeans she gave me!! It was an amazing feeling! I of course tried them on when she gave them to me and they never made it past my thighs. I tried them on as a current jeans were so baggy I was wondering where my ass was hiding! Sliding into those suckers was a moment of celebration that little could rival ! To know that 2 months ago it was impossible to even get them on and now they fit...outstanding! Even though I know I am getting smaller proof like that is hard for me to ignore (since I of course love to discount myself and my accomplishments)

This Christmas is so different from last year it's hard to believe that it's happening. I am happier than I have been in a long time. An internal happiness that I thought I would never find. I thought I was broken, that happiness was something that other people talked about but would never find a home with me. Oh how wrong I was! It has come to me in ways I didn't expect. Happiness with my body (Accepting it for all it's faults was something I never thought I would do but perhaps it's easy to accept faults when you know it will all be changing anyway). Happiness with who I am (the hardest part of all) and Happiness in where my life is headed. I knew logically that when one area of my life changed that the rest of it would too, I just never believed it would happen to me. I am experiencing so many wonderful things (new body, new clothes, new relationship) that I have to pinch myself to believe it's true. At this time of year when being thankful is the name of the game, I am overflowing with it. Christmas cheer is here and 2011 is going to rock so hard I don't think it has any idea what I am going to do to it!

To all my friends who celebrate..MERRY CHRISTMAS!! To all of those who don't I hope you enjoy your days off and get to have some much deserved fun!


  1. This blog makes me so happy I can hardly stand it! You deserve every bit of happiness that you feel - and I know there is even more to come! Love you Lynnie! Congrats on another 4 pounds down!

  2. I LOVE this NSV!!! I can't wait to get those pants back because they're way too big on you!