Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday!!

It is with overwhelming excitement that I bring you my weekly weigh-in. Are you all ready for this? Seriously, I hope you are sitting down (I gather you are otherwise you are reading me on the go and that is not advised!). So for this week I have lost.....9 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! Let that number sink in folks...9 freaking pounds!  I had to weigh myself 4 times this morning just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating! That brings my 1st month total to...27 POUNDS. What does 27 pounds look like?

How about this....

 Or this...

Or even...

I LOST A FREAKING CANOE PEOPLE!!! That is so hard to wrap my brain around that I can't help but laugh (not a ha-ha laugh, more like a "I wouldn't sit next to you on the subway" kind of laugh) I have officially blown past my first goal and am just a mere 3 pounds away from my second goal (haircut here I come!). I am euphoric today and am so proud of myself. I know there is only more moments like this to come!  


  1. Words cannot possibly explain how thrilled I am for you! This is such a huge accomplishment! Lynne you are so incredible and this is SUCH an exciting and amazing journey! Love you so much!

  2. 27 lbs.
    27 lbs?
    27 POUNDS!?!!?!?

    holy cow.

    u basically gave birth to 4 and a half babies this month.
    you go girl!

  3. Love you both! And Sara...hahaha...just call me Kate Gosslin (well minus 2 of course)

  4. !!!! I,...!!!

    You.are.amazing. When do we get to go shopping? :-)