Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

I am going to get right to the point (I know how strange for me!) I am down another 3 pounds people! Bringing the grand total to 18 pounds lost in 3 weeks! Before I know it I will reach my second goal (that's nutty!)!! Here is a small list of things I am noticing as the weight comes off.

1.My skin is already getting better

2. Clothes are getting loser (which could potentially lead to embarrassment if I don't get me some belts soon!)

3. My confidence has increased (seriously you all might need to keep me in check when I lose all this weight I might just become some sort of Diva)

4. Most importantly...I am blown away every day by how many people are supporting me. I always knew I had amazing friends & family but every day they do things that make me feel like I am unstoppable. I appreciate it more than any of you can know. Thank you for letting me talk your ears off about the food I am eating and how I am feeling. Someday I will erect a statue in all of your honors. Ok well maybe I won't but in my heart I will (which is a great place I think).

Onward we all go to another day. Today, despite the rain, I am in a pretty great mood. I am also excited to add a new page here called My Progress (oh how sweet it is!). Hope you all have a fantastical (fantastic & magical...doesn't get much better than that) day!


  1. 18 lbs in three weeks!!!! that is a sweet number!! You lost 3 pounds and enjoyed an adult beverage this week - a total success!!

    see you tomorrow

  2. Good for you!!!!!... that is awesome! It's SO nice to experience all these wonderful new things! Remember how good it feels for the times when you don't lose as much or feel down... let this success carry you and keep you always moving forward!! You're doing so great!!! :)


  3. Congrats on the loss!!! I've gone back and am rereading your earlier stuff, good stuff.

  4. Lynne is AMAZING! Beyond words amazing!

  5. Thanks Everyone!! G- glad you are liking the earlier stuff as well :)