Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

I sadly do not have spectacular news to share this Wednesday. Only down 1 pound which is a slight kick in the gut. It was bound to happen but I guess the only solace is that it is still in the right direction (who knew down could be a good direction?). I am not sure what the cause is but I have a few (albeit outlandish) ideas...

1. It's a conspiracy against me by the fast food companies (That Wendy girl can be a straight up bitch!) to lure me back to their side...their dark, deep fried, convenient side (I shan't go I tell ya!)

2. My ass is perfectly happy at the size it is and is staging a protest with my flabby arms and stomach to be accepted just the way it is (Evidently my ass is a least it doesn't reek of patchouli!)

3. Local farmers can't keep up with my consumption of vegetables so they are adding hidden carbs and fat to my leafy greens.

4. My neighbors are tired of hearing my Magic Bullet at 8am so they have broken in and tampered with my Medifast meals (I would at least kind of understand this..I can't stand the MB at 8am myself!)

However, more likely, it is just my body playing games again. I had my "visitor" (there has got to be a classier way to say that) which was a doozie this time around (pain killers would have been awesome!) so that might have something to do with it. I  know I haven't been getting in as much water as I have in the past. I have increased my activity level, which on this plan could be working against me. So back to my 100 oz of water a day and maybe going one less block on my walks.


  1. Aunt Flo can really screw with a girls weekly weigh in number.
    great job as always though!

  2. I would like to DITTO what Sara said up there! Congrats on your 1 pound loss!!! Sure beats no loss. :) It will come.... persistence and never giving up is key. You are doing great. :)