Monday, August 16, 2010

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk...

I have always heard about people who said that their body talked to them (insert sideways glance here). I thought mine did too, telling me to have that extra slice of cake or saying "Of course you should have bacon with that don't be ridiculous!". Lies people, dirty, dirty lies! That wasn't my body at all, it was that slimy underhanded G (I will give it to him he is good at his job). I never knew the distinction between hunger and want, need vs. greed. I thought I knew my body. I could not have been more wrong. I have put my body in a corner and ignored it for the past 20 odd years. Now though, you can't shut it up! It is always telling me things even when I don't want to listen. I now know what hunger feels like. I know the difference between G wanting something and my body wanting something.

The most startling example of this shift came yesterday. I was woken up at 8am on a Sunday by none other than body herself (believe you me I was pissed at her but I can't argue..she wouldn't listen anyway). My brain ( I can't say G since I don't think it was him this time) was thinking "ok get up and do what you need to but then we are going straight back to bed". Ha ha ha..if only. I climbed back into bed only to lay there for 5 minutes until I heard a voice saying "I want to go for a walk". Ummm what the fuck? Excuse me it is 8 am on a Sunday, isn't there some sort of law against that? "I want to go for a walk". Simple, to the point and relentless. That phrase rattled on until I could no longer take it and I got up, put on my kicks and headed out for a mile walk. Shock and awe people, shock and awe. My brain was pissed but my body had taken over, she was running the show. Eventually though, my brain caught up and enjoyed itself. Let me tell you, my body is one smart lady. Not only did I feel great after my walk,I felt like I had accomplished something for my day. I was now free to enjoy the lovely day I had planned knowing that I did something just for me. While it may take my brain more time to ease into this transition of letting my body have a voice, I am looking forward to it. My body seems to be quite smart and not so driven by emotion as simple need. This is the dawning of the age of my body (forget that Aquarius dude he was bad news anyway)

Of course I couldn't leave this post without addressing the fact that I used an Olivia Newton John lyric as my title..I know you are all singing it in your head anyway so I thought I would help you out (the red head rockin the stach is my favorite! hehe)

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  1. yes, you are right. the entire entry my brain was singing, "let me your body talk, your body talk"