Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey There Good Lookin!

I finally got around to giving myself my reward for losing 30 pounds(a new haircut in case you don't know)! May I present the new and improved Lynne (you may begin clapping now!)...

I am so incredibly happy with it!! And um can you say hi  no more huge double chin! I mean I still have more "underchin" (new word..I may or may  not add it to the lynictionary(Lynne + Dictionary)...also another new word!) than I would like but this picture makes me so happy! My cheeks no longer get in the way of my eyes when I smile!! Hurray!

Also for your viewing pleasure is a comparison of my old profile picture and the new haircut pic. Can you see the changes?? I can :)


  1. Love the new hair cut and pic!! You are so beautiful!! I love your smile. :)


  2. I CAN see the difference and cannot wait to see the new hair-do in person!! <3

  3. You're doing great! I can TOTALLY tell the difference! Cute haircut!