Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday (Plus One)

My apologies on posting a day late my friends! I just haven't been much in the mood to write. I am down 1 pound this week. Considering I ate a piece of cake the size of a small child on Sunday, I would say that's pretty good. This next month is going to be very difficult for me to stay focused. With a trip to the Jersey Shore for a seafood festival and a Wedding in Boston the following weekend, I can't say how diligent I am going to be. Which makes me mad at myself already. Or maybe disappointed..yeah that's a better word. In general, I am feeling down on myself as of late. I have goals in mind but find that I have no will power to stick to them. I am easily persuaded to jump off track (since being an adult and responsible is little to no fun!). I wrote last week about needing to stick to my guns more but to be honest, I am not so sure what my guns are.

I know I should focus on the positive. I should focus on what I have accomplished. I just can't. All I see is my debt, my need for a new car with no funds to do so with, my non-existent career path and my inability to stay on this plan. Asking for help makes me feel even worse. The only thing I know how to do is retreat into my "shell" and hide until I feel better. One thing Medifast can't give you is a new way to cope with your feelings. I will just have to keep searching for a way to do that. In the meantime, my apologies if I retreat a's all I know how to do.

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