Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Today's message is brought to you by the letter H (for hungry) and the number 3..since I lost 3 pounds this week! It's funny the difference 3 pounds can make in your clothes. My pants are loser already (yet not quite another size down but I do look forward to that next jump). My energy levels are up again (which does have it's down side..I find it harder to sit down and watch more than an hour or 2 of TV). I will say that every day is still a struggle of sorts. Eating during the week is always easier but the weekends are tricky. With so many events to attend it can be so hard to stay on plan. I can do it I just have to fight that little voice in my head that gets all pouty around cake. I am not alone in my struggles. Even those not on a diet are always looking to eat better. What is it about cake that makes it a necessity at any and all celebrations? I wonder when that tradition started? Anyway..more pondering on sociological issues later. For now I am happy to be moving downward on the scale. While the gym is still out for now, I am going to look for yoga/yoga tone classes since I enjoyed those the most.

I am working on worrying less and staying positive. That is a life long struggle of mine but I figure if I don't start addressing it, they will always be issues. It's easy to let the little things build up and weigh you down. For me, it's about being scared of new situations, what people think of me and being able to stand up for myself. Little by little, I am trying to simultaneously become more easy going yet staying firm in my boundaries (even writing that I am confused). It's not an easy task I have before me but then again, when do I ever choose the easy path?


  1. love you lynne - and congrats on another 3 lbs. can't wait for our lady date to celebrate! (wow that rhymed)

  2. Over the course of a fun, event filled summer you managed to lose 21lbs!! bravo!