Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Nothing much to report today friends. No loss but no gain either! I am back on plan 100% as of yesterday ( so I am tons of fun to be around right now). I know I will feel better soon and my energy levels will be back up. Until then I am going to retreat into the depths of my own mind and dream of my amazing vacation. It is always hard to come back from a great trip as you wish you could be back there every moment of the passing days. Soon enough though I will be back in my daily routine and the mourning will cease (am I dramatic or what??). In an effort to keep the memories alive a little longer here are some pics from my trip!

Which way to go? Why not both ;)

Mmmm I can remember the taste of the butterbeer. Very very sweet but so good!

The magnificent Hogwarts

The excitement of seeing Cinderella's Castle in the distance! Notice the strategic turning of the body to hide my "pterodactyl wings"
I hope you are all having a great day! Hopefully next week I will be back with some losing news!


  1. I am super jealous, I dream of harry potterland at night lol

    have fun.

  2. you look great! hope it was amaaaazing