Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We've Hit A Milestone!!!

My amazing friends I have hit another major milestone!!! I have lost 9 pounds this week which makes a grand total of 152 pounds lost! I have finally reached my next big goal!! I have been circling this number for almost 2 months now and boy does it feel good to finally break it! I am coming up on my year Mediversary (as many in the Medifast community call it) and I never ever ever thought I would have come so far!

In the coming days I am going to look back over my posts and remember what I was feeling this time last year. I can tell you that at around this time I had already made the choice to start this plan. My amazing friends Mike and Jen were getting married (It was such a special and beautiful day). I knew that it was going to be the feast of a lifetime so I had decided I would start after it. I was merely waiting for the food and for my courage to show up! I was excited but scared. Scared that I would fail, but mostly to disappoint my family and friends. They have always loved me no matter what size (even if most of the time I couldn't allow myself to feel it) I knew they were scared for my health and finally so was I.

More reflections in the  days to come I am sure. For now though it's time to celebrate with another installment of "What does it look like? " You ready???

I've lost a shopping cart full of sugar! I knew I was sweet but daaammmnnnn

I've lost this chair made out of those free AOL CD's that used to litter store registers everywhere. I would like to know who had enough time on their hands to do this (perhaps someone waiting for their dial up Internet to load)

I've lost this collection of pull tabs from the tops of soda cans. I'm not sure what's harder to believe..that I lost 152 pounds or that someone took the time to collect these.

I've lost this screaming eagle (insert nightmare here) statue carved out of Jade.

I've lost this master of the universe..the one and only Darth Vader

Hip Hop Hooray I lost the world's largest cupcake!! (even this random lady is happy for me)

As always I wouldn't be here without the love and support of all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my now much smaller (yet no less powerful in it's capacity to love) heart!


  1. Wow congrats, you are truely amazing, I wish I was were you are, cause I'd be done and boy would that be wonderful.

  2. lynne you are just too amazing for words! congratulations on this really important milestone in your journey (if i were chris harrison i would say journey to love). you have SO much to be proud of and it makes me happier than words can say that you are feeling proud of yourself. i am truly blessed to have you in my life and witness this wonderful transformation. love you!

  3. I am so so so happy for you!! Can I say it? I want to see an anniversary picture!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You're an inspiration!!! xoxo