Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh how far I've come!!!

It's intensely strange to be sitting here knowing that 1 year ago tonight I was in a totally different place. Granted, it's the same couch and same living room but where I am in my life is kind of mind blowing. Even though tomorrow is technically my Mediversary, I think tonight is just as important. I will save my rambling of emotions for tomorrow (because as you know, my friends, I love a good ramble). A year ago today I was worried about failure, hunger, and if this plan would work. Now, I am just excited for what tomorrow has to offer, all of them. Tomorrow I will share with you some things that 1 year ago I couldn't do. Tonight though, would you care to see some new pics?? ( I am pretty sure I just heard a universal yippie!!) 

I figured start off with the sassy one first

How you like me now?

These pants are starting to get lose me thinks!
Umm You can see a lot more of the wall now huh?
I will let that one speak for itself!
There is still such a major disconnect for me when I look at these picture. Part of me can't believe I was ever that size. Part of me can't believe I am the size I am now. It's  all so surreal. Yet what I do know is that I worked really really hard for this. I have not only lost 154 pounds but I am slowly losing my unhealthy relationship with food. One day I know that I will be better with food than I am today. Never perfect (for who is) but better. That is what I have learned. That things can always get better if you let them.

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  1. AMAZZZING BEYOND INCREDIBLE -- i'm speechless and that is rare!! happy mediversary!!!!