Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to Reality

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I am still in post vacation mode (which means I am a total space cadet!). I weighed myself this morning but I knew the numbers wouldn't be kind. I gained 5 pounds. However, I don't give a hoot! I knew I would gain (no matter how much walking we did...and trust me we did A LOT!!). I had so many amazing moments that gaining weight is the least of my worries. I wish there was a way to keep replaying these past 5 days over and over again. Memories to last a lifetime is what I walked away with. The things I will remember the most are:

1. Crying when I could buckle my seat belt on the plane and even have a little extra room. It was momentous.
2. Seeing George Lucas as the opening of Star Wars Weekend
3. Watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom in the arms of my amazing boyfriend
4. Riding all the rides and never worrying if I could fit them or not.
5. Going swimming after a really hot afternoon in the Magic Kingdom.
6. Getting to see Hogwarts and Hogsmeade

These are just a few of my favorite moments. It was the perfect vacation! I was able to do everything that I wanted which is spectacular. Now back to reality (which is always the worst part). It will take a day or two to really get back into the swing of things but I know I will be back on track in no time! My head defiantly enjoyed eating what I did more than my body did. My body will be the ultimate winner though ;)


  1. Awesome!! Sounds like you had such an amazing time... so happy for ya!!


  2. I think we might be soul mates lol I would love everyone of those things you did, way to much. btw I was looking at your progress photos and you look fantastic! Keep up the good work my dear.

  3. You clearly know this already but I'm just so happy for you, for your happiness, your health and everything in between. I know you'll be right back on track but this vacation is such an amazing marker for how far you've come! Love you!

  4. Thank you ladies!! Grace - you must get down there someday! It is far too magical to put into words..I miss it every single day!