Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let the freakout begin!

Happy day before I leave for my amazing vacation everyone (also known as Wednesday!). I am happy to report a 1 pound loss! It's a nice little present to have before I leave for Disney. Where (as I said last week) I am planning on enjoying myself to the fullest. I am prepared with my Medifood to make eating easier while in the parks ( I just hope the bars don't melt in the heat!). Here are some of the things I am looking forward to the most...

Tasty Butterbeer! You can try it cold or frozen..I may try it both ways!

Hogwarts!! And the "Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey" ride!

Getting to see this beautiful sight after a decade away

Really all of this...
Of course it is Star Wars Weekend while we will be there so all the people watching will be spectacular! It's like fall foliage for the judgemental types.

Above all I am excited to be going with this outstanding man! That's Brian for those of you who don't know!
On a slightly random note I want to take a moment to reflect how much has changed for me in the past 10 months. I never would have imagained that I would be doing all the things I have been doing lately. And doing them with someone who loves me..just me...not pieces of me or the things that I can do for him. Just Lynne...and while it is scary at times (because who isn't scared to lose their heart?) it has been the icing on this weight loss journey. I know that Brian didn't come into my life because my body was looking better. Rather it is because I starting treating myself better. Sometimes I forget to do that. That is why I am taking a little blog time to remember that treating myself better leads to wonderful and amazing things.

I hope you all have as wonderful of a week as I am going to (sorry but I think it's going to be pretty hard for you to top me but please, give it a try!). Disney & Harry Potter here I come!

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  1. I couldn't possibly be more excited for you and everything that's happening in your life. This trip is SO much more than just doing to Disney. I know that it will be a big milestone on your journey and I'm so glad Brian will be there to enjoy every minute with you. Take it all in and celebrate all your successes! Can't wait to see pictures of you looking FAB at Hogwarts!!! Love you!