Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday!

Short and sweet today folks. I am up 1 pound which all in all I am ok with. I knew that cheating on my plan would result in a possible weight gain. It's kind of insane to me that 2 slices of pizza could result in something like that. However, it's more than likely that my body is just adjusting itself to the influx in carbs and is holding on to some water weight. I've been back to 100% on plan and I am feeling good. I think that in order to keep some of the cravings at bay I am going to start exercising. Perhaps boredom is to blame for my lack in self restraint. Maybe not boredom but lack of challenge.

So on to another week, and more pounds lost and my new positive attitude!


  1. It's just your body being an ass. Don't fret. You're right.

    I foresee a bigger success next Wednesday. can only go down from here. Tee-hee!


  2. Hehe Thank you!! It's true my body can be an ass sometimes!

  3. I think exercise is a great idea....I mean, you need to get ready to be on The Amazing Race!!

  4. post more Shrinking Photos!