Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday!

Happy first Wednesday of the year everyone! I hope everyone had a Happy New Years ( I know I did) and that you didn't make any silly New Years resolutions. I have found over the years that these are often the emptiest of promises we can make to ourselves. I think it makes more sense to have New Year goals rather than calling them resolutions. Perhaps it is the rebel in me but anything close to sounding firm and set in stone immediately makes me want to do the opposite (go ahead Psych majors analyze away!). Before I get into my new goals (I know I actually have some..surprise surprise) let me tell you what my scale said today. Down a whopping 6 pounds this week!! I have gotten so used to the 2's,3's and 4's that I almost fell over this morning! It's a wonderful number to see since it means I am a mere 4 pounds away from my half way point!! Also, I am now down 5 pants sizes and 4 shirt sizes...oh and I have a neck, shoulders and I can feel (and sometimes at the right angle) see my clavicle. Why is that clavicle so important to see? I think because I never recall seeing mine so it's a little like unearthing a treasure! Same with my shoulders! When I look at the top half of my body I am often quite astounded. I don't recognize it at times and wonder did someone come in the night and switch it? However they could never hope to reproduce the amount of freckles I have so it really is impossible (yes..for that reason..not for a myriad of others).

Anywhoo I am rambling away (nothing new there). On to my new goals!

1. To start working out. I want to build some muscle and tone up some of the loose skin I am just beginning to see. I am going to start out with Wii Fit and see how it goes. Let's hope I don't either injure myself or break our new tv!

2. To try out some new recipes. While I love my staples (grilled chicken, taco meat, shrimp with basil and garlic..all over salad) I want to be able to cook for my friends and family again! I have been lucky this holiday season to be able to eat with everyone and I want to be able to continue that!

3. Work on my mind. I want to learn new things and expand my brain. It's time to take it out of the sleep state it's been in for quite some time now.

4. Continue to improve my personal relationships. It's been wonderful to reconnect with people, even those that I already had a deep connection with. I think it's important to recognize that my weight was holding me back in ways that I didn't even realize.

That's enough for now. Onward and downward everyone!




    And thank God for the Wii, right?! Life saver! I had no idea that you could sweat that much during a video game. OMG. My body burnnnnnns from it.

  2. That is an incredible loss!! Wow. You must be sticking to plan very good. My losses have been dwindling.... grrr... but I am encouraged by your big losses. Sweet!! Love the goals too. Awesome job girl.


  3. Thank you ladies!! I am excited to start the Wii I know I used to almost pass out just doing boxing! And Margene you have done such an amazing job already and are looking fantastic so a little slow down isn't a bad thing!

  4. Whoohooo! You go girl!

    Wait til you start working out - the results are going to ASTOUND you :)

    Have fun and ENJOY it!

    Thanks for your help with my blog - I think it's finally up and running!