Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday! (Plus a day)

Hi there everybody! I am sorry to have missed my weekly weigh in for all you amazing people (I am actually totally fine with it but still). It's hard to feel too bad about it since I had an amazing time down in Atlantic City. Missing a WIW for more time with my boyfriend(it still feels strange to say that lol) is a guilty pleasure that I am more than pleased to have taken. I had an amazing time, lost plenty of money, ate to plan (except for the few coffee's with milk I had to stay up later) and got to buy some smaller sized clothes to boot! With all of that I still managed to lose 1 pound! I will take anything I can get knowing that I wasn't perfectly on plan. I am ok with it all though, 1 pound lost is better than gained!


  1. I agree completely - 1 pound lost is better than gained! I am happy to hear you had a good trip with your boyfriend! <3