Monday, January 24, 2011

Cheater Cheater Pizza Eater

Well it happened folks..I broke..I had pizza last night. 2 slices to be exact. As my friend Diane said, It was a self fulfilling prophecy. I had been thinking about going off plan for weeks now and it was particularly bad this weekend. The urge was just too great. I was at my boyfriend's friends house for the Jets game and I didn't want to feel like the weird chick with her pre-packed food. Rather than sit here and beat myself up though I am going to focus on the good things instead (a total departure for me).

1. I made cupcakes for this shindig and I didn't have one. I didn't even lick the frosting off my fingers when making them.

2. I got the cheat urge out of my system. It was swirling around in my brain and frankly it was driving me crazy.

3. I thought that the pizza would taste fantastic since its been almost 8 months since I have eaten like that. Truth be told I missed my salad.

4. This does NOT make me a bad person nor weak willed nor a failure. I am a human being with faults and imperfections.

I am taking this as a life lesson. I am back on plan today and plan on staying that way for a long, long time. This is something that a few months ago would have broken me. I would have started today off by going to Dunkin Donuts and getting an iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I would have just thrown in the towel. One day, one moment of poor eating would have totally derailed me. Instead, I see it as a growth opportunity. Before I wouldn't have told a soul that I did this. I would have hidden it in fear of judgement or of disappointing my friends & family. I have learned that my friends and family are going to love me no matter what I do. That they are here for me, to support me, even when I fail. So thank you in advance for your support and know that your girl is back on plan!!


  1. I love how you are moving on and not dwelling on it. Seems like when we do slip off, it's never as good as we expect it to be anyway. I find I feel SO much better when I stick on plan too! You've done so well, it's not like one small unwise choice undoes your work... but hopefully makes you stronger! Take care, girl!!


  2. I DO love you, you cheater cheater pizza eater! I'm glad you have perspective on this - its JUST one meal. You ate it, and its in the past, its nothing to berate yourself for!