Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday!!

Wednesday is here again (funny how that happens huh?). I am down another 2 pounds which I am 100% sure I can thank my increased activity for! I did not eat the best (even though my "not best" is better than a good day 10 months ago!!). I am beginning to consider moving away from Medifast and towards something like Weight Watchers. I am not quite ready for that step yet. Somehow it feels like defeat if I do that. It would be easier being on Weight Watchers but also more dangerous. I don't know if i am ready to open my world of food up just yet. Writing this I realize that it would not be a smart move to stop doing Medifast now. I am still in the obese catagory, about 80 pounds away from my goal weight. While things are hard right now (why are bagels everywhere these days???) I know that being on Medifast keeps me from going buck wild. I am still an emotional eater.I  still want to stuff my face beyond what my stomach can handle because it feels good in my brain. Until I can get a better handle on that I don't feel safe (I feel as though I am some sort of food predator..maybe Chris Hanson can set me straight!!).

Anywhoodizzle...let's celebrate the 2 pounds lost and revel in the fact that I am only 2 pounds away from 150 pounds lost!! Which means another exciting "What does it look like" post!! I can feel your excitment oozing through the interwebs!



    Great work on the two pounds! Keep up the great work!

  2. that's my excitement you're feeling...

  3. you go girl!!! When you're ready for WW - let me know... I can give you the "ins"... lol

  4. Thank you ladies! Your support means the world to me!