Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Howdy everyone! I have no weight loss to report today but it's ok. I am just glad I didn't gain. I have been cheating on the regular so that fact that I didn't gain I am happy about. I am recommiting myself as of today though. I know that pretzels, peanuts and random other crap isn't going to solve the anxiety I feel. However, when I first started this plan I felt less anxiety because I was so focused on the plan. I am going to reinvest myself in that focus. I know that I will have a few bad days (so please don't hate me if I seem a bit short with you!). I have been on this plan for 10 months now (which is unreal!!) and the fact that I haven't
1. Gone completely insane
2. Had a full out binge day
3. Given up
Is something to celebrate in and of itself. I am proud of myself from time to time that I have stuck with it for this long. I know that by being on this journey I have allowed so many wonderful things into my life. I want to keep having those wonderful things. Therefore, I must soilder on. Keep my chin (now only 1 instead of 3!) up and refocus. I also have an ace in my pocket now. I found out that I really like working out! I heard tell that people like this whole sweating thing but I never felt it. It was always painful, exhausting and embarrising to be in a gym. Now though, the sweat feels good, moving my body feels even better and I don't care if people stare. Here we go folks..let's see what this week will have in store!

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  1. As long as you stay on the journey with your health as a big focal part, you're winning!

    Not to sound like Charlie Sheen.

    We love you! We have faith in ya!

    Keep goin'!