Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

I know I haven't been writing very much and for that I am sorry!! I promise to try and keep better track of my thoughts and emotions dear reader. Not just for your reading enjoyment but for my sanity as well (because we all know how I live on the edge of sanity every day!)

Now for what you have all been waiting for...In 4 months I have lost a total of 73 pounds! How you like me now!!! That means I lost 8 pounds this week ( I swear I never know what my body is going to do so I have given up trying to figure it out). I think it is time for another treat for you my faithful friends..."What Have I Lost??"

Evidently this incredibly creepy Japanese Toodlerbot weighs a whopping 73 pounds.(so now not only can it haunt your dreams but if it falls on you it just might kill you)

                                           I have lost this bio engineered calf (Cloning at it's best)

I have lost the dentures that cover this car..known as the Chubaru (Looks like someone either really loves dental artistry or they have been sniffing too much Polident)

I have lost this amazing Amethyst specimen (Would that be too much to hang around my neck you think?)

 Last but not least I lost this Gargoyle thing..(perfect for guarding your dreams or letting everyone know just how much you wish you were a part of the Addams Family.)

Thank you to everyone who keeps supporting me on this up and down journey I am on. I am thrilled with my progress. I will be turning 30 in a mere 4 weeks and I may be smaller than I have been in most of my 20's. It is exciting!!


  1. Lynne Molloy you ROCK MY WORLD! You are so strong and amazing! (wow am i hitting on you or what?!?!) Another incredible week. You, as always, are such an inspiration. Keep up this amazing work - you are WELL on your way to reaching all your goals! Love you!

  2. E I G H T lbs?!!?!? how is that even possible!! You're a poster child for commitment!!!

    much love,

  3. lynnie molloy, holy mother fo! i hope you are feeling really really good today. and that this feeling helps you through the next dip. you are bringing a lot of people smiles and warmth reading and watching this journey. (like how im making this about me? haha) you are an inspiration. literally. its so hard to find true happiness and to really love yourself. i admire you taking on this task and leading the way for all of us behind you!!

  4. Much love to an amazing woman doing amazing things!!!