Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

I don't have much to say today. I didn't lose anything fact I gained .08 which I wasn't even going to report seeing as it is not a full pound but still. I know I didn't do anything off plan this week so I am a bit baffled as to what is going on. I know it's not muscle seeing as I didn't do anything to warrant the gain of muscle. I am going to review what I ate over the past week and see where I may need to modify. I am choosing to not let this get me down. I could sit here and sulk about it but's the first time in 14 weeks that I haven't lost even a pound. That is pretty good on most diets. When I used to do weight watchers (halfheartedly mind you) I would fluctuate between losing and gaining every week. Since I will be going away this weekend I think my challenge is going to be even greater for next week. Which is why it would have been great to have lost this week seeing as I will be eating out for my lean & green all weekend. There is a lesson here though. Life goes on. I won't stop living my life because I didn't lose anything this week. I know I am doing my utmost best each and every single day so I can't ask much more from myself. Onward and upward (and yes, this is really Lynne writing..I know it's weird seeing such mildly positive stuff on what could have been a shitty day huh? I guess I am changing....)


  1. considering that i quit Weight Watchers after 12 weeks, because for every 2lbs i lost, i would gain 1.5lbs back the following week I say Bravo to you for not getting down about not having a loss this week. You're still a rock star who has lost over 60lbs!
    I wish you luck next week, as traveling can be challenge to any diet.

    ps. MTK '10 =)

  2. First I'd like to point out that .08 doesn't count as a gain, that is probably a sip of water :-) As Sara said, you are such a rockstar and losing weight for SO many weeks a row your body will naturally have some weeks where it won't lose. I'm so impressed, as always, with you and how awesome you are. I know that your travel experience will be great since you are so well versed in what you need to do. Congrats on another week of being so amazing! Love you!

  3. Lynne!!!

    I think the fact that you reported with no hesitation AND have such a great attitude is exactly why you gained the measly .08 pound. It is just more proof of how much this experiencing is changing you for the better. Not only is it a great thing to being doing so well with this new eating lifestyle but your core is changing. You are doing an incredible job and I am very honored to be around to see this internal and external transformations.

    Do not worry one bit about Buffalo!! You are traveling with an individual who is very familiar with some eating restraints. Don't forget I am still a weight watchers lifetime member ;) We will make a great team!!

    Love you and your shrinking self!!


  4. sorry for all the typos. im in a meeting. obviously not paying too close attention.

    and ps - its diane :)