Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I am sure that by my cheerful salutation that you know it has been a good weigh in for me..and you my smart & observant friends would be right! I am down another 6 pounds baby (holler at me!) which makes for a grand total of ....62 POUNDS!! Booyahhhhhh! It feels pretty awesome to reach over the 60 pound marker I have to say! It's a major accomplishment! So to bask in the glory that is my great loss I bring to you another installment of  "What Have I Lost?!?!?"....

I have lost this pallet of Coca~Cola! (Pretty sure there is enough soda here to party until the Apocalypse)

I have lost  what I can only assume is a medieval "pimp hand" (How the hell to you give a fist pump/bump with 60 pounds of gold on it?)

Ummm yeah..what?? I lost a freaking washer??? How is that even possible? A canoe was pretty impressive but a washing machine? That's insanity people..pure, unadulterated insanity!

To cap it all off I think that perhaps I will purchase this snazzy shirt to let strangers know just how much I am kicking ass right now...

However by the time I receive it I will be closer to 70 pounds lost and then I will want one that says that instead..(do you see a vicious cycle starting here because I sure do!).


  1. Lynne you are such a ROCK STAR!!!! Wednesdays are for sure my new favorite day. SO very happy for you!!!! :)

  2. your success continues to blow my mind!!!!!!!
    im with Nora; i genuinely look forward to Wednesdays now!!


  3. You GO GIRL! You are unstoppable. Way to kick butt!!


  4. PS - start posting pictures of this fab transformation!

  5. I agree with Sara! I hope youre taking pictures along the way!!

  6. Thank you my lovely ladies! I will be taking pics tonight and I think I may be ready to post them! We shall see how mortified I am lol