Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday!!

So my friends, how is your Wednesday going? Mine is fine and dandy...what? weight loss for the week...Only down 1 pound. However, it seems that this is fairly predictable. Having my "visitor" seems to do the same thing each month. The week before the weight is off like gang busters and the week of/during my body is being greedy and holding on to each fat cell like it's the last pair of Gucci boots at Bergdorf's (can I please ask what that's about? Perhaps when I am smaller I will understand the allure of such things..). 

A loss is far better than a gain and surprisingly I am not sad about only losing a pound (shocking right?). What I am sad about though is my recent little trip to Melencholia(Lucky for me I am merely a tourist and not a resident). Despite my amazing friends and family I have been feeling lonely. This journey of mine is something that (ultimately) I must walk alone and for some reason it's coming down on me. Overall I feel good and I am happy with the results I am seeing. However, as each day passes and the novelty of starting something new wears off I have to keep reminding myself why I am doing this. So rather than spend more time in this one horse town I am going to remind myself of why I started this journey...won't you join me on this trip down memory lane!

To be a healthier, happier, more able bodied Me
To find out who Me is without this heavy armor I wear
To physically not be held back anymore
To be an active participant in my own life instead of a bench warmer
To see the beauty of my body in every stage
To love myself

All of these reasons are great and I feel better having written them. This, my friends, is a long, long, long journey I am on. It won't be over anytime soon and patience has never been my strong suit. However, with each day I see more of the things I can do and less of the things I can't. I will focus on those instead of the food I can't eat or the boredom I feel.

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