Friday, September 10, 2010

Get a Hobby!

I have a question for all you people out do you figure out what you like? I know how utterly silly that sounds but it's a genuine question. I am in desperate need of something, anything, to help me figure out who I am. While I realize that what we do does not define us but rather the content of our character (Jeez...I should lead some sort of revolution with rhetoric like that). However, I am bored. Bored and out of places to hide. I need to expand my horizons here people. While I may be getting smaller I want my world to get bigger. It was one of my main goals of losing weight in the first place. How the heck do you start though?

I spent some serious hours last night trying to find different "meet up groups". It seems, however, that you either have to be a mommy in desperate need of drinks with the girls, into some sort of Triathlon/hiking/biking/steroid induced sport type activity or into subjecting yourself to singles gatherings (which if movies & TV have taught me anything, never ever work out well). I also don't feel like spending an arm and a leg (inflation is such a bitch now that it would prob cost an eye as well) to try out an art class that I am doomed to fail (while I may be creative I have yet to get down that whole "get your hands to create that pretty thing in your head" part). I thought a book club perhaps but let's get young people attend book clubs. Or at least not round these parts. This is where my search has ended because evidently you can't Google "Tell me what to do with my free time" and get anything of merit. Therefore, I am asking for your help my good friends. Can you help me? Pretty please with Splenda on top!!


  1. We're in the same boat! So, besides the guitar learnin' I want to do, I'm thinking about taking some cooking classes and resurrecting my French and Italian.

  2. See I love those ideas but I want to do something with other people...but perhaps it would be better to start off with something solitary and move towards group stuff? I am so confused lol

  3. Okay, thinking outside the box, what about attending a church and meeting people that way? It may give you an opportunity for service. Seriously, helping people can be SO rewarding and addictive... and think of all the great down-to-earth men you might meet. Service opportunities is one suggestion I would give to expand your perspective and get an idea of things you may like. Think of it like a stepping stone. Just an idea to chew on! Best of luck!! :)