Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

Happy Hump Day everyone! A slow week here at TFSTT...lost 2 pounds this week. Just another baby step towards that wonderful 100 pounds lost! Just a mere 7 pounds away...I can almost taste it!

I feel as if I should bulk up this post somehow seeing as how I don't really write much these days. I just don't have much to write about. Which means good things. I am busy, seeing friends, going on dates, having dodgeball parties (turning 30 is awesome let me tell ya!). I leave for Newport, RI tomorrow with my amazing friend Emily and I am beyond excited. Not only because I get to see historic homes that I have always wanted to see but because I get uninterrupted time with my dear friend. There is also the knowledge that I no longer have to struggle with a myriad of things. Let's take a look at that list shall we?

1. Fitting into a booth in a restaurant (You have no idea how amazing it is to me to be able to do that again..such a small thing but huge in my world)

2. Walk around all day without getting sweaty and exhausted (the sweaty part is really the best part..I won't miss that at all)

3. Spend less money since I will only be eating out once a day instead of several times!

4. Getting stared at because I am laughing not because of how I look (there may still be stares for that reason but they are far less these days)


  1. a blog shout out! holla!!! you're SO close! I cannot wait to celebrate the big 100 with you!!

  2. Congrats on all those NSV! I totally relate! Have fun in RI... how fun is that!!!


  3. Enjoy RI - you will love it!! My couch will miss you tomorrow night.