Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday!!

It's that time again people...Wednesday has arrived and it brings with it great news...7 pounds lost this week!! Which brings me to a grand total of 91 pounds lost in 5 months!! Sometimes I am unable to take in the gravity of my weight loss but today I am going to bask in it! I am a mere 9 pounds away from 100 lost and that is unfathomable for me. Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be here and in such a short amount of time. I had heard of others doing the same but I never believed it was coming my way. I am still dealing with feelings of being unworthy but today I will shelf that and allow myself to feel great! In honor of this I bring to you my favorite segment "What does it look like?".

I lost these antlers (he must have been a HUGE hit with the lady elk)
The obligatory Rhino shot...see ya later Baby Rhino that was my ass!

I lost this butter sculpture of someone called "Princess of the Milky Way" (She kind of looks like Laura Bush to I lost Laura Bush off my mid section..pretty sweet!)
I lost this Armageddon suit (my question is do you really want to be weighed down during the Armageddon? I think not..)

And one of my all time favorite finds...this insane man's Guinness World Record Bee Suit 
(the bee beard/top hat is merely a bonus)


  1. hip hip horray!!!! that is sick Lynne!! Your an animal! your commitment and strength is such an inspiration!!


  2. WOW!!! That is so amazingly awesome. YES, you are worth it. Longer life, feeling better... it must feel awesome!! :)


  3. this is incredible! i cant believe the amazingness that is lynne. actually i can. congratulations!!

  4. LYNNE MOLLOY! You are super fabulous amazing! So glad to see you enjoying the moment - you truly should! Way to kick ass Lynne! Love you tons!