Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Today brings us a nice nugget of weight loss...down 4 pounds. Now I just need to remain focused and remember that I have many more goals I want to achieve. Now that the Amazing Race is back on TV it makes it a reality again that this is something I truly want. I need to get to a weight where I can really train...learn how to run again you know stuff like that!

So to keep my momentum going I am bringing you another installation of "What Does It Look Like!"...132 pounds lost so far..let's see what that looks like shall we??

I've lost this organ...I wonder if they count the monkey that should come with it?
I've lost this car..or should I call it a personal transportation device?
I've lost this dude's turban...this is why I love the Internet..when would you ever see something like this in real life??

I know it's a short little look at what I've lost but it is becoming quite hard to find pictures! I keep getting pics of women and men who have lost what I have. I am also getting a lot ...and I mean a lot of pics of breast augmentations (not really what I need to come up on my Internet history here at work). My question is...are you getting 132 pound breasts?? Or do these women weight 130 pounds and their breasts weight 2? So many questions so little time! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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