Monday, February 7, 2011

Visual Pleasure

Thank you all for your patience with me on getting you some new photos! I hope you all will enjoy them!

A little front action for you!
Can you see how crazy long my pants are now??
As a bonus I wanted to show you more of my new slimmer figure so I took some pics in a new (and by new I mean pieces from my amazing friend Emily's old wardrobe) outfit! It will be the future outfit for all other photo shoots!

Jeans size 22 , Sweater and Top XL

A little side sass for ya
And since I think it's pretty spectacular...a side by side view from week one until now!
I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I do! Back on Wednesday with another Weigh In!


  1. You kick so much ass! <3

  2. This is the first time seeing this...I had no idea you were doing this and I have to say I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! You are even more amazing than I thought! You are such an inspiration! I hope you meet every one of your goals faster than you imagined and no matter what you lose, please don't lose your sense of humor! xoxoxo

  3. Yowsa!! You are dropped some serious weight girl! You're looking good!!