Monday, February 21, 2011

Pretzels Vs. Me...Who Will Win?

Pretzels...Pretzels....Pretzels....I am hoping that if I keep saying the word then the food will stop dancing around my head. I was never a pretzelaholic by any means but lately it's all I can think about.

I mean look at it! Those beautiful nuggets of salty goodness, the golden brown color, the yeasty god I am salivating just looking at this picture! What's worse there is a big bag of these salty knots waiting for me at home. I am trying my best to resist but I may just have to donate it to some pretzel-less family and buy my sister some replacement snack item.

What I really need to do is figure out why...why now? What's going on in my life that cravings are coming in like gang busters! Perhaps it is my underlying belief that if something isn't a totally bitch to complete then I shouldn't do it. What I read here is that self sabotage is kind of my deal. When things are going well I have to find a way to fuck it up (because otherwise who am I?) I am guessing that has something to do with the pessimist side of me that has to keep things in check. You want an excuse not to do something..I am your girl! Fear of failure perhaps? Maybe its a big chili con emotional issues that I've got going on. Not one thing defines why my cravings are coming up. I just wish that I could turn it off. I wish that I could just walk away from that little voice in my head that says "It's ok...just eat the'll get back on plan tomorrow.."

Damn you Gollum...damn you...


  1. You know what I always say: it's JUST a pretzel. You know what this tastes like. You've had one. Its no big deal. Keep reminding yourself of the big picture AND the fact that most cravings only last 5 minutes. Its just a pretzel, it holds no power!

  2. Oh the winner of this fight isn't even a question - it's YOU of course! First off because you're awesome and second off because all pretzels do is make you bloated and thirsty :-)