Friday, October 21, 2011

Forgiveness Friday

Forgiveness..something I can easily give to others but rarely( if ever) to myself. However, dear friends and readers..I am giving myself some forgiveness. For falling so far off my path that I am worried I won't be able to find my way back. For not keeping up with this blog in a way that is helpful to me and hopefully entertaining to you. For losing sight of my goals.

We all have times like these. Where living in the moment takes away from the future plans we have. I don't regret any of it for a minute though (well maybe eating nothing but fried food one day which resulted in laying on the bathroom floor for a few hours...I regret that). I allowed myself to indulge and in the process learned a lot about myself. I know that while in the moment it felt amazing to eat the lobster tail pastry so jammed full of whipped cream and custard that I am pretty sure my eyes rolled back in my head several times...........Sorry, I got lost there for a moment..where was I..Oh yes. SO while I enjoyed experiences like that I have gained back 22 pounds in the process. In no way did I intend for that to happen but I did nothing to prevent it either. I have been beating myself up for a day or two now..but realized quickly that it doesn't make it better. I did what I did and I forgive myself. Now it's time to refocus and not allow myself to get off track for a while. The holidays are coming up quick. I want to be as focused as I was last year. I want to feel energized again.

Starting as of yesterday, I am back on Medifast. I am currently at 238 pounds. I am going to focus on that lovely number of 199. I would love to see that number (or less) by Christmas.

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