My Goals

I tried to find a simpler way to do this but it seems a good ole fashion list is what I will have to do. I understand that this list may bore some of you so feel free to use this page as a mental break from your day. Or use it to inspire your own list of goals. Or you can go peruse someone else's emotional outpourings (even though I doubt any one's could be as good as mine). Your choice m'friend.

Restarted Goals- After restarting Medifast on 9/6/11 I have decided to make some new goals

Be under 200 pounds by my Birthday (November 12th)
Get into all the size 16 clothes that have been given to me
Be able to do some of the ab moves in my Yogatone Class.

Big Goals

To be on the Amazing Race (why not start big I always say)
 go to the Harry Potter theme park and enjoy it 100%(i.e. get back on a roller coaster and scream till my head falls off!)- HOLY CRAP I AM GOING IN MAY!!!!
 fit in a booth at a restaurant,airplane seat, chair with arms. etc
cross my legs
put my shoes on without using my bed to prop my leg up
share clothes with my sister
wear high heels
shop in a "normal" store
go swimming in the ocean or pool again
ride in a helicopter (because they always make it seem so damn fun on The Bachelor/Bachelorette)
take my best friend up on her offer to buy me a pair of designer jeans :)
ride a bike (and buy myself one of these to cover the seat)
go whitewater rafting (as long as it doesn't wind up like this)

Baby Step Goals & Rewards (because we all need shiny things!)

Staying OP for 1 week- new Eminem album (to kick my ass into high gear!) One goal met!! 6/28/10
Lose 20pds-send myself flowers(how special will I feel!) Met on 7/21/10
Lose 30pds- haircut Met on 7/28/10!!!!
Lose 40pds-additional magic bullet base to make shakes at work Met on 8/18/10
Lose 50pds BEFORE my 30th- Take my mom up on her offer of a foot massage and facial! Met on 9/1/10

Lose 80 pounds - Buy myself something pretty from Etsy  Met on 10/27/10!
Lose 100 pounds (my god that seems so strange!)- Purchase a piece of real jewelery  Met on 12/8/10
Lose 120 pounds (HALF WAY MARK!!)- Pamper myself with a haircut (its been 6 months!) Met on 1/12/11
Lose 150 pounds- A spa treatment of some kind-  Met on 6/8/11
Lose 165 pounds:- A real spa treatment as I only got a mani/pedi the last time
Lose 180 pounds- A weekend getaway
Lose 200 pounds- Get a celtic knot tattoo( I have been meaning to do it for years and I think it's time!)